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This might be my mother’s favorite photo. From 1953, here I am with my new friend, Murtle the Turtle. Most of my cousins enjoyed Murtle before he crawled into my crib. He was well ‘teethed’.
Dad holds me for Mom’s photo in the back yard of the Reaver House, circa 1954.
Nana rocks me to sleep in the kitchen during a 1956 visit. We lived in a tenant property called the Reaver House located at the end of the Teeter family farm lane on Teeter Road. Nana still lived in the family homestead, less than a quarter mile up the lane.
Mom holds Becky’s hand while the family Boxer, Tink, poses with them in front of the Reaver House, circa 1955. Mom and Dad bought Tink in 1952. His partially blind and severely arthritic body rested finally in 1963. He might be the most loveable and loyal pet I ever had, a great companion.
Here’s a great photo of us at Meadowbrook circa 1957, featuring Mom, Dad, Becky and me. The carriage in the background reminds me of Uncle John’s extensive collection. John, who owned some of the best photographic equipment available in those years, probably is the very good photographer.
From 1961. Our family is complete! Newest arrival Jennie rests between me and her big sister Becky. I was probably 8, Becky 7.
Fred’s 5th grade class picture, March 1964. I was 10 and in the front row, far right.  My best friend, Jeff Beard, stands next to our teacher, Mrs. Shank, for whom the phrase ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ applies only too well.  Gail Caple is in the second row, fourth from the right.  Five years later, she became the first girl I ever dated. This class was full of good people. I would enjoy knowing what happened to them.
Ocean City, MD was one of our favorite places to vacation. Dad had connections with people who owned property there, so we went each summer for about five years. Here we are during our last trip, circa 1962. From the foreground, back, are Becky, Jennie, Dad and me. Mom probably was the photographer. I was shipped off to camp near Scranton, PA for a month during each of the next two summers, Camp Lenapi in 1963 and Camp Munsee in 1964. I hated the former and tolerated the latter.
In the summer of 1964, my parents sent me to camp for a month. Like Camp Lenapi the year before, this institution was located near Lake Wallenpaupack in rustic Wayne County, PA (outside Scranton). Both camps were bully magnets. At Lenapi, I was one of the smallest kids in the program. By the time I hit Munsee, I had reached an average size for a kid my age, but I still lacked confidence. The bullies saw me coming. Have I mentioned that I hated camp?
Here are the brothers of the Beta Beta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at DePauw University, from our 1973 Chapter photo during my freshman year. My old friends Parke Brewer and Gary Thompson were sophomores. The only member of my class with whom I correspond today is Ken Hitchner of Moss Beach, CA.  Bill Young was my freshman roommate.  I dated his sister, Susie, briefly in 1972-73.


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