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The entire Teeter family assembles on the front lawn of Uncle John's impressive Gettysburg home, spring, circa 1956-57. John was the eldest child of John S. and Margaret R. Teeter and a proficient businessman. On the death of his father, he became President of the John S. Teeter Sons Company. His house had scores of bedrooms, an elevator and color televisions. John stands in the middle of the back row. His wife, Marjorie, and his mother, Margaret, are seated directly in front of him. My father, Fred (the youngest brother), stands to the left of John, the eldest. My mother, Priscilla, is seated in front of Dad. I'm seated on the armrest to Priscilla's right. My sister, Becky, is on Priscilla's lap.
My father and his brothers, sisters and Mother assemble for a portrait on Uncle John’s lawn, spring, circa 1956-57. In the back row, from left to right, are Dad, Bill, Richard, Jim, Dan and John. In the front row, Nana is flanked by Virginia on the left and Mary on the right. This was a distinguished group. Dan was district attorney for Adams County, PA for 25 years and founded the successful law practice of Teeter, Teeter and Teeter, now operated by my cousins Bob and Sam. Richard became a successful psychiatrist for whom, upon his untimely death, a hospital library was dedicated in Minneapolis. Jim was chief of surgery at Waynesboro Hospital for 25 years and a prominent medical missionary in Africa and Asia. Like my father, Bill stayed with the quarry business. Mary married Bob Clingan, a Teeter Stone executive, and raised a family near Taneytown. Virgina married Richard Haggerty, a successful writer of Broadway musical scores, and raised a large family in Old Greenwich, CT.
Teeter brothers and sisters pose in August 1978, honoring John & Marjorie’s 50th wedding anniversary. Shown, left to right, are Fred, Mary, Dan, John, Virginia and Jim.
Fred & Priscilla enjoy Hawaii’s beauty during one of their frequent association meetings. From the late 1960s through the 1980s, they traveled widely on behalf of Associated Builders and Contractors, the National Stone Association, Kiwanis and other organizations Dad lead and supported.
Dad poses with daughter, Jenny, inside his Westminster home on her wedding day, September 24, 1988. She and Frank Baylor were married in Reisterstown, MD, where he grew up.
Dad, far right in the first row, poses with Mom (second from the left, back row) and neighbors during a visit to their favorite Deep Creek Lake-area restaurant, the Deer Park Inn, near their Lake-side home, circa 1987. A retreat to their Arrowhead condo was perhaps their greatest pleasure in later years. Mom and my sister Becky, who owned the property jointly, sold the house in 1996, a year following Dad’s death.
Mom and Dad enjoy a night out in the early 1990s.
Mom and Dad enjoyed the company of their ‘gang’ for many years. Shown here with Dad (right), during a spring/summer party circa 1980, are Karl Alexander and Barbara Peck.
Dad poses in his home at Christmas, circa 1987.
Family members and one guest pose on our porch steps in Uniontown during a visit in the years before we built our addition. In the back row, left to right, are Dad, my sister Becky Herrick who is holding Suzanna, and a student from France who was staying with the Herricks at the time. Clowning in the first row are Holly Herrick, left, and her older sister, Natalie.
Dad and I share a laugh during our combined birthday party at his house in November 1993. I was 40, he 63, two years before he passed on.

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