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Dave-Bob Langrall (left) of Asheville, NC and Jim-Bob Thomas of Taneytown, MD pose in the driveway during a Bob-Boy Beach Bash reunion in August, 2002. Jeff-Bob Billingslea of Perry Hall, MD was unable to make the trip. the Bob-Boys all hail originally from greater Westminster, MD.
Jim-Bob, Dave-Bob and Fred-Bob share puns and sun during the first Bob-Boy Beach Bash.
Growing up, we occasionally called ourselves the four musketeers. Shown in a 2002 photo at Parke’s house, from right to left, are Parke Brewer, Gary Thompson, Bill Hubbard and me. Parke and I met in 1966 during a flight from Dulles International Airport to Toronto for the International Kiwanis convention. His father, Scott, was a district officer. My father was Vice President of the club in Westminster, MD. Through Parke, I met his high school buddies Gary and Bill. Parke and Gary eventually roomed together at Sigma Nu Fraternity at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. A year after they arrived, I followed them to DePauw and the Snu house. During Spring Break, 1973, all of us traveled to Daytona Beach in Bill’s Chevy Vega wagon, which contained more beer than luggage. Bill and I then roomed together at his Rockville apartment the summer after my freshman year of college.
DePauw Sigma Nus reconnoiter at the home of Gary & Betsy Thompson in Rockville, April 2002. From left to right are Gary, Parke Brewer, Scott Tomlinson & me.
Scott, me and Parke at Parke's house, April 2002.
Parke Brewer and I pose for a beautiful stewardess, as they were known then, taking our picture during a flight from Toronto, Canada, to Dulles Airport in the summer of 1966. Parke’s father, Scott, and my father had taken us to the International Kiwanis Convention that year. Parke and I became lifelong friends. I was honored to be best man at his wedding in 1978.
It's a rare Bob-Boy reunion! Almost. Mugging for Vickii Thomas's camera at Christmas, 2002, from left to right, are Jeff-Bob Billingslea, Jim-Bob Thomas and Derf-Bob Teeter. Missing is Dave-Bob Langrall.
The crew assembles inside the Wakefield Valley Conference Center restaurant. From left to right are Jeff Billingslea, Fred Teeter, Janice Teeter, Dianne Wiebe, Jim Thomas and Her Majesty, Queen Victoria - Vickii Thomas.


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