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3423 Uniontown Road as seen in 1980.  A Realtor used this photo to help sell the 3-acre property for owner Bill Devilbiss.  Note the large Victorian windows and the 1800s front porch.  Like many homes this old, the house was built in stages.  The 1st section arose in 1793.  The 2nd, the more formal, high-ceiling structure in front, appeared in 1809.  A 3rd was added in the 1840s.  A 4th was completed in 1995.  Uniontown was called 'The Orchard' in the 1700s, when it was laid out as a planned community on a toll road between Frederick & Westminster.  Fruit & nut trees still abound in town.
Left: The house circa 1982, not long after Janice bought & partially restored it with her husband, Brom Watkins.  Right: The house today, now fully restored to its original Federal period motif.  Trees obscure a view of back of the house.
Left: The front of the house circa 1986.  Right: The front today.  Janice & Fred razed the porch in 1989 and replaced the concrete sidewalk with brick in 1990.  Downspouts were re-routed & electrical wires placed underground in the early 1990s.

Left:  The front foyer & door to the 1809 addition, as seen in 1980.

Right: The same view today.  Janice found the original door, complete with its original hardware, in her barn.  Local craftsmen restored the door.  Historic restoration metalsmiths in Philadelphia restored the lock & hinges.

Left:  The front foyer in 1980, looking back into the then-living room.  Janice ripped out the parquet floor to expose the original, random-width pine flooring beneath.

Right:  The same view today.  Note the restored chair rail and marblized wall section beneath the stair railing.

Left:  The front stairs decorated for Uniontown's semi-annual Candlelilght Home Tour, circa 1988.

Right:  The stairs today.  Not much difference here, but by this time the stairs had been stripped and completely repainted by superb local painter Brad Bortner.

Left:  Brom Watkins in 1981, walking on the flagstone 'side porch' beneath age-old concord grape vines.  Note the concrete cap covering a 30-ft deep, hand-dug well.

Right:  The same scene today.  Janice & Fred removed the well cap and extended the flagstone to create a large summer dining area, circa 1988.  The porch  covers a 9-ft deep, 5-ft square cistern full of rain water with which we irrigate during occasional droughts.

Left:  The side porch in 1980.

Right:  The side porch today/  Note the genuine hand pump that formerly drew water from the hand-dug well.  We repositioned it elsewhere on the patio in 1988, when Buzby Restorations removed the well cap & extended the flagstone.  It isn't connected to anything anymore.

Left:  A 1980 view toward the back of the house & Uniontown Road from our 2-acre pasture.

Right: A similar view today, but closer to the house.  The fence seen at left still stands, but behind the photographer in this shot.




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