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My grandfather, John S. Teeter, poses with one of his five sisters, era unknown. John was born in Jacksonville, FL where he became a marine engineer. He later moved to Maryland, where he purchased and named Willow Brook, the family homestead, near Taneytown, MD. John assembled several farms encompassing nearly 1,000 acres and formed John S. Teeter & Sons, a prominent quarrying and road construction company. The thoroughfare traversing these farms was renamed Teeter Road. Dad’s mother, Margaret, or ‘Nana’ as we called her, raised 8 children and several orphans. She was a revered community volunteer with a strong interest in social issues. John died of stomach cancer in 1946 when his youngest son, Fred, was 16. Nana’s death in 1957, at 71, launched the sale of Willow Brook and the John S. Teeter Sons Company.
The Teeter family home, Willow Brook, on Teeter Road between Taneytown, MD and Littlestown, PA. My sister Becky and I lived there for one year, in 1956-57, before the estate was sold.

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