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Fred's grandmother Mary Emma Edwards Gray. Grandmother was widowed in 1953, just months before I was born. She & her husband, Harvey Gray, lived atop a hill on a huge lake near Knoxville, Tennessee. Harvey supervised hundreds of men on dam construction projects for the Tennessee Valley Authority. When he died, Emma resumed her career, taking a job in Knoxville as a 2nd grade teacher. She moved to Westminster in 1978 and died in 1992. This photo was taken in 1965, when she was 64. She and Harvey were originally from Cecil County, Maryland. He's buried in Red Bank, Tennessee, near Chattanooga.
Mom’s grandfather, Neeper Edwards, poses next to Mom, who is holding me, in the spring of 1954. Our growing family was returning from a vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ when we stopped to visit Mom’s relatives in Perryville, MD. The photo is taken at the home of Neeper’s son, Ernest, with whom Neeper was living at the time. Also nearby were Mom’s Uncle John Gifford, father of Lloyd, Kirk, Francis, Ralph and Nancy. Their mother, Lavinia, the sister of Mom’s mother, Emma, died giving birth. Her children grew up with Emma, who lived in nearby Colora, MD.
At Christmas 1991, Janice bends low to talk with Grandmother Mary Emma Edwards Gray as Fred, Jr. (standing) and Emma’s daughter Priscilla, right, look on. Grandmother had just conveyed her wedding ring to future in law Janice on the occasion of her engagement to grandson Fred.


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