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The varsity swim team poses for a yearbook photo in the fall/winter of 1969-1970, the year I became a day student. I’m standing third from the left in the second row, the guy with a neck chain. I don’t know why I wore one other than because I thought it looked ‘cool’. As a freshman, I was a promising freestyle sprinter. But as a sophomore, free of restrictive campus life, I became far more interested in girls and weight training than our 2.5-mile daily workouts. I rarely competed and became team manager my junior year.
The junior varsity cross-country team poses for a yearbook photo in the fall of 1969. I was captain, selected for my enthusiasm more than any ability over a 1.5 mile JV course. Unlike me, some of these guys were good. We did well as a team. I moved to varsity as a senior where the two Fred’s - Freddy Stuart and I - were co-captains. I loved running, cross-country in particular, but never won a varsity letter.



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